Hmm I’m okay with most of this except the line “The body of Christ is holy and sinful”. This line doesn’t work, I think I see where you are going with the statement but I think it reaches to far. We can’t say Christ’s body is sinful, even in the Eucharist which the bread does come from sinful hands and has always come from sinful hands. This does not in turn make Christ’s body sinful. Two things to consider objects do not in themselves contain sin. And the substance of the bread and wine change completely so even if they did somehow hold onto the sin of their baker it would presumably disappear during transubstantiation.

This could be very confusing to non-Catholics or Catholics with less theological backing and could lead them down a negative road to believing something false. I think that section needs revision.

But I think helping the church follow Christ better is great! Many great Saints are seen ridding the Church from Mold.

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